We inspect, identify the source of your moisture issues, and provide solutions


  • Swelling: Siding or trim holding water against your home’s structure? We’ll help you fix this.
  • Rotting: Is your siding or trim rotting and no longer protecting wall framing? Let’s act quickly.
  • Leaks: Is water leaking into your walls and destroying your home? Call us asap!
  • Delamination: Is moisture causing your siding to delaminate? We’re here for you.
  • Wax Bleeding: Is there a black goo leaking from your siding? Let’s get rid of that.

As the world’s foremost experts in siding repair, we understand that if you have any one of these problems it can be incredibly stressful. We make siding repair and siding replacement due to water damage simple. We help you understand your issues, create a workable plan for your goals and budget, and solve your problems. 

How We Make It Easy

  • Affordable: We Offer Repair Options As Low As $1500, And Financing On Larger Projects
  • Buy Online: No In-Person Meeting Required, So You can Buy Online Without The Typical Sales Hassle
  • Every Siding: We Specialize In All Siding Types So We Will Help You Find Your Perfect Project
  • Customer Service: We Set Clear Expectations, Have Excellent Communication, And Do A+ Work
  • Our Guarantee: We Give A “Never Leak For Life” Guarantee On Our Siding Repairs


Our Process

  • Inspect: We give you Colorado’s best inspection, then educate you on what’s happening and why.
  • Plan: We work to find the best siding repair or replacement option available for your budget and goals. 
  • Solve: We repair your home, treat you with kindness, and cover our workmanship for life.

“I am not sure how I can afford my project?”

Between lower cost siding repair options, and financing options for larger projects we got you covered.

Full Siding Replacement options for as low as $199/mo 

Get Pre-Approved 

Siding Repair options for as low as $799 

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